Various Wikis☆

This will lead you to various Cookie☆ Wikis, but some of them are not in English.

English Cookie☆ Mediawiki

A heavily WIP (but still useful) wiki maintained by YUH_cl and members of the English Cookie☆ Discord server.

English Cookie☆ Fandom Wikia

Basically empty at the moment, but hopefully will be updated in the future...?

Reddit Cookie☆ and niconico encyclopedia

Mostly just useful for links to tags.

Below this point are wikis that are not in English. However, you can make use of them with use of translators such as DeepL.

Original JP Cookie☆ Wiki

The original JP Cookie☆ wiki. Contains the most information about Cookie☆ characters, so it's pretty useful.

New JP Cookie☆ Wiki

The second Cookie☆ wiki, which is being migrated to. Not as much info as the original.

Spanish Cookie☆ Fandom Wikia

The Spanish Wikia made by YUH_cl, mostly maintained by him alone.

Chinese Cookie☆ Wikia

Probably the most developed wiki for Cookie☆ made in another language. Has plenty of info.

A Midsummer Night's Lewd Dream Wiki

The JP wiki for 'A Midsummer Night's Lewd Dream' AKA Inmu, which is tied hand in hand with Cookie☆ culture.