This website serves as a vessel for links to English resources of the Cookie☆ Subculture. There will not be any huge explanations on this webpage, but it will lead you to them to help you understand and learn more about Cookie☆. Click the links on the side for various links! (by the way this site is heavily WIP so sorry if its messy lol)

⚠️Content warning shenanigans⚠️

Cookie☆ and ESPECIALLY Inmu are NSFW and pornographic. (Inmu source material is literally porn), so if you aren't comfortable with that it will be very difficult to enjoy. Of course, not ALL Cookie☆ content is NSFW or suggestive, but... lots of it is. In addition, there may be jokes deemed distasteful to some (mostly involving sexual assault) so... be wary if you are sensitive to these things.